The Global Leadership Summit Day 2

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Wow, I thought it would be very hard to top Day 1 of GLS but I guess I was wrong. Day 2 featured speakers of all backgrounds. Today, we had someone who helped the poorest of the poor to someone who reformed education at the heart of the problem. First, Bill Hybels shared with us that most people instead of being faithful they are more concerned about being successful. Then a former nominee for a nobel peace prize spoke. Her name was Mamma Maggie from Cairo, Egypt. She inspired everyone she shared with us that “we don’t chose where we are born but we chose if you want to be a sinner or a hero!” Next up, Michelle Rhee went to the endth degree for people who have no voices being students in public school. She was the Chancellor of Public Schools in Washington D.C., with the toughest task of refroming a school district with the lowest proficienty in math and english when she accepted the position from the mayor of D.C. who told her that he would risk losing his postion for the students of his district just to make a change and that is what exactly happened. This lady had the guts to close 23 schools and fire all the principals in those schools. Even if Michelle got thousands of death threats, and the media bashing her she knew deep down that she was not representing the polititions, CEO’s , or even the president of the United States but the people that don’t have voices or voting power which was the students. Michelle represents true leadership, somone who faces losing everything for students to make their futures successful. After Michelle finished I thought it would be very tough to top that performance but they did. Dr. Henry Cloud a profound author of many books one that I bought at the summit, but I first heard of him when my mom was reading those boundary books he wrote. Dr. Cloud focussed us on three different types of people, The Wise, The Fool, and The Pure Evil.  He told us that “Wise people will adjust themselves, that fools will adjust the situation, and the evil ar just destruction.”  After Dr. Cloud we had a true Aussie speak, John Dickson. He is a minister at a church in Australia. He spoke on Humility. He explained humility in five different points. Humility is common sense. Humility is beatiful. Humility is generative. Humility is persuasive. Lastly, Humility is inspiring. I really recommend buying his book Humilitias.  Next, our replacement for Howard Schultz from Starbucks. I was very dissappointed that he was not able to speak just because some people miss understood what this Leadership summit was all about. But, this speaker did not disapoint. His name is Patrick Lenocioni, the Founder and President of the Table Group in San Francisco. He has spoken at the Summit in past years. At this point I did not know what to expect. When he got on stage, we were all transfromed by his message of “Getting Naked.” His whole talked focussed around vulnerability. Patrick, talked about three fears that surrounned vulnerability. The fear of losing your business or the idea of being rejected. The fear of being embarrassed and the fear of feeling inferior.  Some of his ideas was to enter that Danger Zone, celebrating your misatakes and learning from them. Also do the dirty work, and do the job when it is necessary.   I also got his new book “Getting Naked” go online and check it out!! Lastly, we heard from an Inovator and Filmmaker, Erwin Mcmanus.  He emphazied on that we can’t change history but we can create the future. He went on by saying, “If we are not involed with God you are  like a normal creature.” Erwin also pointed out that most people who live outside God are destined for repetitiion in there life unlike the people who live in the light of the Creator who are destined for all things new.  In conclusion Erwin stated, that “people who want God, think that they need to find the right door to open, but you are the person who is supposed to open the door to let God in you!”So to wrap things up, this summit has changed my life forever! I want to thank everyone at Calvary Community Church for making this happen for me and thank you to the wonderful team in Chicago at Willow Creek Church for putting this Summit on! And don’t forget that we all need to Act and Lead no matter where you are!

See the full gallery on Posterous DAY 2                    Wow, I thought it would be very hard to top Day 1 of GLS but I guess I was wrong. Day 2 featured speakers of all backgrounds. Today, we had someone who helped the poorest of the poor to someone who reformed education at the heart of the prob …

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