The Global Leadership Summit 2012

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This year at the Global Leadership Summit we built our faith and continued to be inspired to LEAD WHERE YOU ARE! This year I am going to recap just a few of the remarkable speakers from this year’s summit that really moved me to the edge of my seat.

To start, Bill Hybels started off the summit again this year but of course with a completely different message. He began with saying “Everyone wins when a Leader gets Better and Learns!” He went on talking about the if your goal is to build more trees either in a church or in any organization you need to Plant more Seeds to get more Trees! Meaning that the leader needs to sow the seeds and stay curious and keep experimenting until you get those trees. Bill then carried this idea that you need to be a 360 degree leader that has self leadership which includes good work habits and most importantly Energy. Then a few days after the summit I found a quote by the former CEO of GE Jack Welch and he said “Leaders must be able to articulate a vision and energize people around it. Unless leaders feel that energy themselves, it’s difficult for them to pass it on to others,” his quote sums up what Bill was pointing at about energy in leaders. Next, Bill talked about a 6×6, meaning that you focus on six things in your organization in the next six weeks but these things need to be outside your normal job description. He shared some great stories that really showed when you focus on six things in six weeks how much you actually achieve. Then he said,”God made you not to respond but to move ahead.” Bill also talked about a few more topics like top leaders in organizations looking to retire or move on in their life and he warned everyone that when board members start this transition that they need to be cautious about their emotions.

Up Next, Session two, to start Condoleezza Rice. All I really have to say is WOW! Regardless of which party you side with you have to have some respect for everything she has been through in government and in life. She started off with a short speech and then an interview with Bill Hybels. She first stated, “Every life is worthy, Every Life is Greatness, and Everyone is Equal to God,” Amen to that! She continued and said “Leadership is not just having followers but showing followers that they can lead.” Then her highlight quote came as she told some of her stories about growing up in the deep south of Alabama, she said “Out of Struggle comes victory and after Friday there was Sunday!” Amen again! Then she challenged everyone to make a world that is but make a world that should be.  Then she sat down for the Q&A and she was responding to how she dealed with tough personalities in the White House and around the world by explaining how you need truth tellers and you need to build a friendship with people to talk about the difficult things. After, a roar of applause from the crowd for Condoleezza next up was a profound business author Jim Collins. He got up and jumped right into what he was talking about say that the X Factor of Great Leadership is Humility combined with Will. Then he talked about organizations and managing them in good economic times so your ok in tough times. he used the example of Southwest and the bag fees and how effective they are in everything they do! He then dived into talking about Fanatic discipline and again using Southwest as an example of not spending all their money and how they disciplined themselves on be smart with money. next he talked about Empirical Creativity. He said that you need to blend creativity and discipline together because creativity is Natural. Lastly Jim talked about Productive paranoia. He simply put it that it is what you do before tough times! So you can be strong when people need you!

The Last speaker from day one was Craig Groeschel. He is the Senior Pastor of His church is profoundly know for inventing the You Version Bible App. He got up and talked about his pastor when he was a kid and how he empowered him to do great things. Then he said, “Don’t Fear or Judge the next generation! Believe in them because they need you!” He went on and he declared “If your not Dead your NOT DONE!!” Meaning god still has you around because your not done and you need to get up and do something. Then he reminded the older part of the crowd by saying, Don’t Delegate tasks to the future generation, delegate Authority to create Leaders not tasks!” Then he talked to the future generation by telling them to find a mentor and not do what he does but learn how he thinks! Craig then mentioned how this generation does not show honor to people which is 100% true and sad. He went as far as saying that even at times they have forgotten to show honor to God because they are they entitled generation. Craig then said, ” Honor builds up, Dishonor breaks down! and people need to realize that Honor is Given and Respect is Earned!”

I am going to leave it at this! We also heard from Patrick Lencioni and William Ury and the honorable John Ortberg. Overall this Summit was a growing year for me as I start to look into my future and start to apply for college and face a challenging last year in high school. I have been very grateful that I have been able to attend the summit these last two years, it has shown me to be a continued believer in God and to Lead where you are and be yourself! I don’t know what I would do if I need to not have the summit these last few years! Can’t wait for next year’s summit and maybe be able to attend the summit Live at Willow Creek Community Church!

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