Uganda Service Trip 2015

Copyright God Cares School I am so excited to announce that I will be going on my First Service Trip across the globe to Uganda to help out at God Cares School this Summer! At God Cares School, I will get to interact with High School Students and teach them about Jesus and share the good news of the Gospel. I don’t talk to much about my faith with others, but this trip will teach me how to walk across the room and express my faith in ways I have never done before. I am so excited that I will be able to speak into the lives of young adults and show them how to live and love more like72260_175978425749248_3686838_n Jesus every single day of their life! Also, I will ensure that each of them aren’t alone because God has a plan for you and me regardless of the circumstances you have been through in your life. I have challenged myself to take my next step with faith through service. I truly believe that God has called me to serve for this short 9- Day Trip to Uganda. This trip is 100% self funded by myself. I need to raise $2800 to go on this trip. If God has called you to financially contribute to spreading his message across the world please consider donating as little as $1 to my trip. My goal of this trip to allow God to open my eyes to see the world in a different perspective by spreading his grace and truth to a country that is in need of hearing the word. If you cannot contribute financially, I urge you to pray for our entire team traveling to Uganda, and please pray that God will transform lives through our trip.

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Thank You,

Daniel Lacey 

Baptism – A Step of Faith


By popular demand, I got a lot of questions from Friends and Family on why I was being Baptized yesterday. Its pretty simple: A Step of Faith was taken yesterday to show that I have been a believer and will always be a believer in Christ. Below find the excerpt that I wrote which was read during the time before I was baptized.


Why was I being Baptized today? 

All my life I have known who Christ is through my parents up raising me in the Catholic Church and going to Private School. Through many peaks and valleys in my life I noticed that the only thing that remained was Jesus Christ in my life. He was there when my parents divorced, he was there when I was alone, he was there when I needed to make tough decisions. He truly is my rock and salvation and I owe it all to him. Throughout my life I have always understood what being a Christian was about, but I looked at it as a religion most of my life. Until, I started having people speak into my life about what a true walk with Christ was about and it is Faith. Today, I am surrounded by those people and I am dedicating my baptism to three people who are now with the Lord. My Great Uncle Billy and my Aunt Betty for showing me that Faith is a Walk that isn’t lived out just on Sunday, but also on Monday and every day of the week. My third person I am dedicating my baptism to is John Batten, a true prayer warrior. He showed me how you can live and love like Jesus every single day by opening your arms and helping each other. I would say I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior back in the summer of 2011 when I last saw my Uncle Billy before he went to heaven. I also wanted to thank the two people baptizing me today, Pastor Shawn and Ovalee Batten. Every single week both of you encourage me with your words of wisdom, I want to thank both of you for praying for me to grow in the Lord every single day.


– Daniel Lacey